Color: Deep Coral Orange or orange-red depending on the weather, with very slight white piping around the edges at times.
Bloom: Very full (41+ petals), borne mostly solitary,  must be cut early for high center exhibition. 2″ Bloom starts out with high center and opens to a full old-fashioned bloom. Petals have pointed picote edges.
Habit: Medium, bushy.  Medium, glossy, dark green foliage. Height of 2′ to 4′ (60 to 120 cm).  Width of up to 2′ (up to 60 cm).
Growing: Can be used for beds and borders, container rose, cut flower, exhibition, garden or specimen.  Can be grown as a shrub.  drought resistant.  heat tolerant.  Prefers full sun but shade tolerant.
Disease susceptibility: mildew resistant. Has not been tested for Black Spot resistance.
Breeder Notes: Blooms look good at all stages.

HMF Ratings: 13 favorite votes.

Parentage: Sorbet Bouquet ™ × Seedling