Color: Shocking Coral Pink aging to medium pink

Fragrance: Moderate

Bloom: 4.5″″ semi-double (9-16 petals), born mostly one to a stem. Buds have frilly red tips. Striking red and beige pistils, yellow and orange stamens.

Bush: Medium. Large and rounded glossy heavy foliage, often with red veining. Beautiful and striking burgundy new foliage!

Uses: Cut flower, specimen plant.

Disease susceptibility: Typically very mildew resistant, but I have had it mildew on occasion. Has not been tested for Black Spot.

Spring Pruning: As you would any hybrid tea rose.

Availability: and

Parentage: Louise Estes × Marilyn Monroe ™

Notes: Some describe “Hot Salsa!” as “Playgirl on steroids,” but bigger, and with frilly petals and more showy center (red stigmas and orange stamens).

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