Color: Pink Blend; Light to medium pink centers with darker pink to smoky red outer petals. Weather dependent. Color changes depending on age of bloom and season. Fuchsia or often hot pink with light pink to medium pink petals in the center, changing to smoky red outer petals, similar to Color Magic but deeper color. Color deepens as bloom ages.

Fragrance: Good  fragrance

Bloom: Average diameter 5″, 18 to 24 petals. Average diameter 5″. Large, semi-double (9-16 petals), borne mostly solitary, cupped, scalloped bloom form.

Bush: Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season. Very heat tolerant and will bloom well in extremely hot weather. Medium height, not very thorny. Medium, glossy, dark green foliage. One of the earliest to bloom in the spring and continues blooming until frost.

Uses: Can be used for container rose, cut flower, garden, landscape or shrub. Very heat tolerant.

Disease susceptibility: Upper leaf is shiny and mildew tolerant. Underside of leaves will curl during mildew weather but curiously, the leaf will recover it grows. Has not been tested for Black Spot.

Spring Pruning:  Prune like any other hybrid tea. Winter hardiness – has been tested down to 17 degrees in a pot.

Availability: and

Parentage: Sonia (hybrid tea, Meilland 1974) × Blue Girl