Color: A lighter more orangy Hot Cocoa.  Average diameter 2″.
Bloom: very double, borne mostly solitary, globular, old-fashioned bloom form with a green eye.  Prolific, continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season. Pointed petals. Blooms are self-cleaning.
Habit: Medium to large, bushy, rounded, upright, well-branched.  Small, very glossy, dark green, dense foliage. Height of 3′ to 5′ (90 to 150 cm).  Width of 3′ to 4′ (90 to 120 cm).
Uses: Can be used for container rose, cut flower, hedge, landscape or shrub.  Heat tolerant.
Disease susceptibility: very disease resistant, very mildew resistant. Has not been tested for Black Spot resistance.
Parentage: Fabulous! ™ (floribunda, Zary, 1998) × Hot Cocoa ™
Availability: Thru the Rose Society of  Tucson